Friday, June 24, 2016

Today 21 years ago Phyl and Eloisa got married. Two years later a beautiful baby girl joined their family. She grew up into a wonderful young woman. She graduated from High School, got her Real Estate license when she turned 18, she finished her first year of college at the University of Arizona. Celeste is leaving everything behind to serve her Heavenly Father. She has prepared to serve and is so excited. We created this blog and we dedicate it to her with love. In 38 days from today her journey begins and she will turn  19 years old at the Mexico City Missionary Training Center. Her life will change forever. We will miss her tremendously but we know she is ready for this new part of her life. We hope she will share with us her experiences through her 18 months in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission and we hope you will follow and enjoy her journey.